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Panacea Property Preservation is the U.S.A. based Property Preservation/REO Work Order Processing,Quality Checking & Vendor Management company. Panacea opened it’s doors in October, 2013 as an outsourcing company in REO and property preservation sector.

The company and its professional team members pride themselves on meeting or exceeding your property preservation needs.

Our team members at Panacea Property Preservation consist of educated supportive management, work order processor(updater) and office associates which undergo extensive training. They must meet or exceed our highest quality of standards. All of our associates are extremely knowledgeable with the ever increasing demands for Quality Assurance, Cost Effectiveness and turnaround time.


Our Services

We feel very lucky having worked in such different vendors, and feel it is giving us a range of knowledge about different software’s, apps and sites. We make our client’s life relax and ensure the quality of work. We focused on just one thing – offshore REO and P&P Work order processing/Quality Checking/Vendor Management) service.


We have worked for

1. Safeguard 10. Single Source
2. MCS (Vendor 360) 11. North Sight
3. M&M 12. Service Link
4. Five Brothers 13. Sandcastle
5. Spectrum  14. Altisource
6. MSI 15. ZVN
7. Cyprexx 16. Xome Field Service
8. Visneta  17. A2Z
9. Aspengrove/Guardian  18. NFR

With several National Vendors to help to simplify their outsourcing experience and reduce costs.

Software Experts

We are well aware of with Property Preservation Wizard (PPW ), PRUVAN, XACTPRM and Repair Base.

Bid Sheets

We prepare convincing bid sheets using various cost estimators like XACTPRM or Repair Base.

Why Choose Us?

We are confident that we will be able to assist any Preservation related work on time with quality.

Why Us 1024×907 2

✔ 24/7 Service
✔ To ensure your expectation we provide a free trial  prior to you signing a contract with us.
✔ No Charge for RTVs/Denial work orders
✔ Any property preservation software.
✔ Pressure less, Low cost, more profit.
✔ We will provide you with highly experienced and expert processors to process and update your REO and Property Preservation Work Orders to your clients.
✔ We have knowledge and experience that will surpass anyone else you can find in this industry.
✔ We will able to meet your exact needs and requirements and giving you the best result.
✔ We have been working since 2013 for several vendors and started to gain so much knowledge of this industry.

We are currently looking for independent contractor/ vendor who want to grow business, be pressure less, consume time & make more profit.

Please navigate through our website for additional information about our services and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Hire us and focus on Strategic Planning to boost your business.

Reliance Mission Statment

Our Mission

To help our clients exceed their own goals by leveraging the best technology talent in the world.  We offer to invent, collaborate & share our strengths, resources & talents to deliver more to set a new milestone.

We provide all types of preservation solution with optimum quality. Our experienced Team Leads always keeps an eye to make sure that quality and error free processing is provided. We take complete accountability of our work.

We provide personalized services for our clients. We understand that every client has different needs and way of doing things. Our experience team will provide personalized service as per your need. We are keen to build a trusting relationship and always align our work with your requirements.

We are humble workers who treat all client and contractor fairly. We maintain respect of everyone we work with.

We are always looking forward to create long term trustworthy relationship with our client.

We always keep an open mind and keen to learn new things.

We always go beyond our limitations when it comes to provide extra support for our client. We are always ready taking extra pressure and really enjoy working during busy time.

Our Mission And Vision

Our Vision

Wishes to be one of the largest outsourcing Company in the history of Information Technology industry by providing outstanding service.

We provide specific training to help you get a job in the most challenging and exciting industry of earth.

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You’ve got questions, and we have answers. Just send us a message and one of our knowledgeable support staff will be in contact with you within 48hrs – even on weekends and holidays.

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1340 N Arrowhead Ave,
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